How to fix Autofill not working on Xiaomi phone, tablet devices

With the auto-fill feature, passwords, information that you have provided previously on Android phones, tablets, users will save time to log in many times without typing these long and hard to remember phrases. So do you know how to open and use this convenient feature? Find out with us now!

Password autofill feature is a communication manager between installed applications with Autofill service pre-installed on Android phone devices. For most Android phone, tablet devices you can just enable the service of your password manager in on your Android devices:

1 – Go to Settings app, navigate to the input at the top and search for Autofill Service

2 – Press on Autofill service, you’ll be presented a few options.

3 – Now press to select your <password manager app name> Autofill Service, (here we use 1LimX

However in Xiaomi phone, tablet devices, there is one more step needed for autofill service to start working. You need to enable additional permissions for it to properly work on Xiaomi devices.

In order to do so go to Settings Apps > Manage apps > Find 1LimX app and press on it > Other permissions press to enable “Display pop-up windows while running in the background” setting.

Video tutorial:

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