How To Securely Autofill Website Login Passwords on Android Phones, Tablets with 1LimX

Opening password managers, copying passwords then pasting in Safari, Chrome, FireFox, … browsers is really annoying and time-consuming since you have to switch between apps and search for the corresponding passwords.

Here comes to the rescue is the autofill feature on Android Phones, Tablets, you can just stay in Chrome, FireFox, … browsers and let a password manager does the rest.

Android Phones, Tablets have a built-in password manager belonging to Google but this tool only gives us limited features, you can only store a few text fields. Here we will use 1LimX app, this app gives unlimited files storage, unlimited items, unlimited item fields of text, image, file, date, time, multi-factor authentication. You can store way more of information with Google-chosen encryption algorithm really fast since it works entirely offline.

Follow steps below to use Autofill on Android Phones, Tablets:

1 – Go to Settings app, navigate to the input at the top and search for Autofill Service

2 – Press on Autofill service, you’ll be presented a few options.

3 – Now press to select 1LimX Autofill Service, (make sure to install 1LimX before).

4 – This step is for Xiaomi phones, tablets only. You need to enable additional permissions for it to properly work on Xiaomi devices.

In order to do so go to Settings Apps > Manage apps > Find 1LimX app and press on it > Other permissions press to enable “Display pop-up windows while running in the background” setting. Video tutorial:

5 – You can now use the 1LimX AutoFill feature on the web and in apps by going to those websites + apps when interacting with the login forms (1LimX icon will appear when you focus on the input).

Video tutorial:

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