How to protect your WordPress articles and images

When it comes to content copyrights, all should be aware of this matter because it is always at risk that somebody or something like an automated bot can steal your content, media and take advantage of it.

If you are content creator on WordPress then you should not entirely rely on a stolen content take down like DMCA since it’s time and money consuming, it should the last option if one is forced to use. In this tutorial, we will show how to prevent content from being stolen as well as the best plugins to protect them in WordPress.

Disable copy of right clicking

There are many anti-copy article plugin in WordPress, in a nutshell they should all do:
– Turn off selected content on computers and phones.

– Feature to disable right-click content.

– Disable drag, drop, and save content and images on computers and mobile devices.

– Turn off copy key content (Ctrl A, C, X).

– Turn off “View Source”, “Save Page”, “Print” features.

This is probably the easiest way but not so effective. It will cause a lot discomfort to regular users because they may want to use your website to select a quote and search on Google or copying your WordPress post url to share because it’s useful. Lets consider the next options.

Insert internal links into posts

For leechers who are lazy to edit articles after copying, they are easily frustrated by articles with too many internal links.

Don’t worry about the number of internal links in your article. Because this helps to optimize the article to get high rankings in search engines.

Watermark your images

Thefts will be terrified and eventually giving you credit if they are trying to copy your whole article into their websites, especially those who use automated softwares to crawl as many content as possible.

The reason is your images in your WordPress content is watermark with example your WordPress website domain name. And it’s really hard to change or remove that watermark, one has to use complicated softwares or start from scratch again what the stolen content intended to show.

If you are using WordPress this feature is packed to you with the plugin Easy Watermark.

Inside your WordPress admin dashboard » Plugins  » Add New

Search for “easy watermark”

Click Install Now

Click Activate

Install Easy Watermark plugin
Install Easy Watermark plugin

After successfully installed, Easy Watermark will be located at Tools » Easy Watermark

In there, select Watermarks menu, click Add New Watermark

Add watermark text to your images
Add watermark text to your images

Here you can choose between text and images, this article will choose text

Top section is the title which does watermark your images

Watermark section is the watermark text, put your current domain name, brand name,… later it will be carved into your images

Text option section is where you have the ability to make your watermark text more friendly, beautifully. Set offset to 10px to x, y for watermark text not to be in the edge of the image

Alignment section helps locate where you want to put your watermark into your images, default is the bottom right

Applying Rules section is where you decide when the watermark is able shown in images. If you want it to show only in images of posts then only select Posts

Set up Easy Watermark WordPress plugin
Set up Easy Watermark WordPress plugin

Now whenever I upload an image to your WordPress post, it will be automatically watermarked with a text of

Final thought

There’s no way to 100% prevent if someone want to copy and use your content somewhere else without your permission. It’s best to notify other if they want to use your content to add the original source url or the last option you may want to use is DMCA takedown.

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